The state of youth volunteering in Africa - A focus on North-South, South-North and South-South volunteering

Stepping back so that young people can step forward

FORUM Discussion Paper :

Youth volunteering in Africa is growing in scale, diversity, relevance and demand. International youth volunteering whether promoting North-South, South-South, and South-North exchange for young people continues to play an active part in development in Africa. However, as volunteering approaches grow in scale, and the demand for governments, private sector and development actors to respond to the needs of young people and societies within Africa intensifies, the challenge to volunteering organisations includes :

  • Ensuring programs are shaped by the needs and interests of diverse young people in Africa
  • Ensuring authenticity to the values of volunteerism
  • Proving that youth volunteering in Africa achieves tangible development results
  • Offering cost effective and sustainable solutions that a country or community can run with
  • Creating space for young people to lead and shape the volunteering agenda with and for Africa

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