Initiative and interaction, the core of youth participation in international work-camps

Type : Emile-Eric Affognitodé

Short-term initiation volunteering (IV) accounts for the most significant share in the entire french volunteering system. It is thus the most important role-player within France Volontaires. Developing quality commitment towards international volunteering & solidarity is it’s aim, and with this perspective, France Volontaires rubs shoulders with IIV participants.

In order to facilitate a closer link with participants, their activities, their day to day functioning, their experiences, and in order to obtain a systemic vision regarding the evolution of dynamics within this field, France Volunteers organises Field-Trips to its functional youth work-camps (YWC) in various countries for the purpose of forging a meaningful partnership. In 2012, this project comprised 250 working days excluding time devoted to data analysis & treatment, and towards compensation to participants, with variable mobilizations depending on Volunteering Domains. This amounted to a full time intervention of almost 1 – 3 people. 166 domains which figured in these Field-Trips were subjected to an in-depth analysis. The result of this analysis is presented here.

Language : French
Editor / producing organization : France Volontaires
Date volume : 10/2013
Pages : 61p
Language : French
Themed keywords : youth, workcamp, cultural awareness, exchanges
actor keywords : short-term, initiation
Geographical Keywords : Africa, Asia, Latin America

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