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General informations

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Intellectual property rights

France Volontaires notifies the users of this site that a lot of content & material on this site :

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In this respect, any kind of copying, representation, usage, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, commercialisation, partial or complete, whatsoever be the method and format (paper or digital, …) is prohibited without a prior written permission delivered by France Volontaires, apart from exceptions covered under the clauses of the Article L 122.5 of the Intellectual Property Code. An infringement would be considered as counterfeiting of copyright/rights on designs & models/trademark, an offence implying a punishment of two years imprisonment and a fine of 150 000 € 


Copyrights and/or Rights on Designs & Models 

This site is a product that has been conceived by acti as per Articles L.111.1 in accordance with the Intellectual Property Code. This site has been conceptualised and developed by acti.

The photographs, texts, slogans, designs, images, audio enabled/disabled animated sequences as well as all content present in this site are the property of France Volontaires or of the third party that has granted permission to France Volontaires to use it’s products. 

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Product information

The information and illustrations that figure on the pages of this web-site are based on the current technical features being executed when the different pages of the web-site are being uploaded or being updated online.

The products and services of France Volontaires are within the framework of a continuous betterment policy, and consequently there can be constant modifications in the characteristics of it’s offer. The products and services presented on this site are those which are distributed in metropolitan France. They can vary according to the country or might not be available in all the countries of the world.
In any case, the information contained in this site is of a general nature and does not have a contractual value.


Confidentiality of personal data

Consultation of the web-site is possible without any obligation of revealing your identity or any other personal information regarding you.

The association France Volontaires promises to respect your privacy and to protect all information that you wish to convey and communicate with us. Moreover, the personal data collected on the web-site is meant for the usage of the Association France Volontaires. It remains entirely confidential.

The nominative information that you would communicate to us for registration will equip you with the right to access and to rectify all information provided by you, in conformity with the french law n°78-17 dated 6th January 1978 pertaining to « IT & Liberty ». You can excercise this right with France Volontaires – Head Office : 6 rue Truillot, BP 220, 94203 Ivry Sur Seine Cedex

Collecting this information is necessary in order to respond to your queries concerning commercial offers and to send you e-zines in case the need arises.

If you are subscribing to our newsletter by mail, and do not desire to receive it anymore, you can send in a request to cancel your subscription.

We would like to point out that in order to provide you with products and services that best suit your needs, some non-personal information linked with your activity on this site will be obtained automatically. All this information is meant for France Volontaires and can also be used within the framework of commercial or marketing operations, or can be used as foundational data for case studies and analysis. 

This information will not be communicated to a third party under any circumstance. Only France Volontaires’ employees or the personnel of associate agencies that manage our operations have access to this data. These agencies are bound to respect the confidentiality of information and thus can use it solely for a precise operation that necessitates the agency’s intervention.



We take all necessary precaution in order to ensure the security and confidentiality of all data and to avoid any possibility of data leaking to a non-authorised third party.


Hypertext links

Placing a hypertext link to the site does not require any prior written permission on behalf of the Observatory of France Volontaires. However, France Volontaires must be informed within 10 days after the link has been posted.

In any case, France Volontaires is not to be held responsible for the content as well as the products and services proposed on the sites which are linked hypertextually or in some other manner with the site


Applicable law

The internet site and the herewith mentioned general conditions are governed by french law and have been prepared in french language. All matters of conflict & dispute that arise, the jurisdiction of the competent courts of Lyon will be applicable to obtain justice. France Volontaires has the sole right to modify the mentioned contents at any moment. The user is obliged to consult the site regularly.



Your utilisation of the site is your sole and entire responsibility. France Volontaires cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages such as infrastructural damages, loss of data or programme, financial loss caused by the usage of this site or of those sites which are linked to it.



France Volontaires possesses the right to modify and to update, without prior notice, this legal disclaimer and all the content and products presented on this website.

The totality of these modifications governs all internet users who must consult the current General Conditions before each log-in & connection.


Statistical database for follow-up

We use the log-in information for our statistical consultation (kind of browser, number of visits, viewed topics...) for the optimisation of our site in terms of topics and browsing, but this information is not transmitted to third parties.


Copying in paper format / Hard copy

Except for iconography, copying pages of this site on paper is authorised, subject to the following three conditions :

  • Free of cost diffusion
  • Maintaining the integral reproduced documents in their entirety (no modification or alteration of any sort)
  • Explicit mention of the site as the source stating that all copyrights are reserved and strictly limited.


Copying in electronic format / Soft copy

Entire or partial copying of this site in electronic format is authorised subject to the condition that the source is mentioned clearly and lisibly along with the note «All rights reserved ». The information must be used only to meet personal or associative ends ; all commercial usage is prohibited except in the case of a prior written agreement delivered by the company .

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